Why I’m Letting My Travel Grant Expire
This essay reflecting on the limitations and benefits of personal carbon footprint accounting was published in Burnout.

Why It’s So Hard To Find Out Where the Candidates Stand
This article about the history and future of election information was published in the Washington Monthly.

The 7 Most Remote Chicago Parks
This article about Chicago greenspace was reported on by CBS.


Is the Weather Weird?
Jonah-Bloch Johnson and I made a website to help answer that question. Bea Malsky made a twitter bot.

Higher Ground
This work-in-progress uses OpenStreetMap data to analyze and visualize urban greenspace. I used it to write the above article about Chicago greenspace.

This is a simple and powerful Python framework for reproducible and parallel data science workflows.

This is a Python library for generating spatiotemporal aggregation SQL queries, primarily for building features for machine learning and other models.

This is a drake workflow for bulk importing the American Community Survey (ACS) data and TIGER shapefiles from the U.S. Census FTP into a PostgreSQL database.

This script downloads and imports discharge monitoring reports from the Illinois EPA website for the University of Chicago’s Environmental Law Clinic.

Visible Hand
This software for calculating the carbon footprint of flights and utilities by parsing e-mail receipts and integrating various aircraft and energy emissions databases.

Cook Scheduler
This python script uses linear programming to optimize the selection of a cook schedule given each cook’s preferences.


Multilevel Regression Modeling for Public Policy (PPHA 41420)
Regression from the Bayesian perspective and an introduction to multilevel modeling through examples in public health and political science.

Introduction to Program Evaluation (PBPL 26433)
Introduction to regression and its application to observational and quasi-experimental causal inference for policy evaluation.

Introduction to Programming for Public Policy (PPHA 30550)
Introduction to data analysis in python with pandas along with bits of web APIs, databases, and GIS.

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